Better decisions about medications.

Iodine combines large healthcare datasets with a user's individual needs and background to create a personalized resource for better understanding and decision-making about health.

We believe that too much information offered to patients today is generic, anecdotal, and out-of-date. We believe that data science can create better information that will improve adherence, enhance behavior, and make people more confident about their health.

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who we are

Co Founder


Thomas Goetz

Thomas is a noted authority in the design and communication of healthcare data and information.

Thomas is the former executive editor of WIRED, where he led the magazine to more than a dozen National Magazine Awards in the past decade. Thomas is author of The Decision Tree and holds a MPH from UC Berkeley. His 2010 TED talk on visualizing medical data has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Co Founder


Matt Mohebbi

Matt is a software engineer with a decade's experience extracting meaningful knowledge out of massive datasets.

Matt spent the past decade as a software developer at Google, where he worked on Search and co-founded Flu Trends a project that combined data from the CDC with Google search trends to discern new epidemiological signals.

Director of Product and Policy

Amanda Angelotti MD

Amanda directs product strategy and development at Iodine, manages user policies, and provides medical advisory. She also oversees growth and marketing efforts, including the Iodine Blog.

Amanda earned a medical degree from UCSF in 2013. Prior to studying medicine, she worked in communications and online privacy issues at Google. She has also worked in politics, including grassroots voter mobilization for a presidential campaign and youth outreach for a policy think tank.

Director of Design

Adam Baker

Adam is a product & user interface designer at Iodine.

At Google, Adam worked on search UX, design training, Flu Trends, health search, Public Data Explorer, and climate information projects.

Before Google, Adam led design at Mac app startup Marketcircle, and worked on the human interface guidelines at Apple.

Principal Scientist

Angie Hoth PharmD MPH

Angie manages content at Iodine and will focus on the impact of Iodine’s technologies on health measures, health knowledge and literacy, and user satisfaction.

Angie is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of patient care, program implementation, teaching, and research experience. During her MPH program, she focused on impact evaluation and implementation of innovative public health interventions.


Michael Schultz

Michael helps design and implement the look and feel of Iodine products.

After earning his BA in Communication Studies, he began working in the health sector, taking on chronic bleeding disorders as the Marketing Leader at a national specialty pharmacy. Michael has helped chronic disease communities connect through speaking programs, online resources, and his iPhone app Hemoglobe.

Program Manager

Jessica Goldband MPH

Jessica is Program Manager at Iodine, focusing on content, growth, and operations.

Prior to Iodine, she was Program Manager at Health 2.0 and founder of its Health:Refactored program for developers. Jessica also worked on new initiatives for companies such as Kaiser Permanente and Wellapps (recently acquired by Medivo). She earned her MPH at Columbia University, specializing in health promotion and behavior change.

contact us

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