The challenge

We all want medicine to be perfect. But in truth, it’s a messy process of trial-and-error.

For people, this can be a frustrating, slow process without clear relief. For the healthcare system, it can mean inefficient care with extra costs and poor outcomes.

1/2 of people stop taking their medicine (due to side effects, cost, and uncertainty)

2/3 of people don't receive proper follow-up after prescription

The Result: $75 billion wasted annually on treatments that don't work

Our solution

We help people find what works best for them by creating feedback loops between the patient experience and the intended outcome. We create therapeutic optimization - which is much more than just adherence.

Decision tools helps people assess their choices by seeing other people's experience - their demographics, preferences, and tolerances - to give them better information to discuss with their doctor or pharmacist.


Our digital program helps people manage their depression and decide if their antidepressant is working for them. This experience is integrated into electronic records as digital lab values that inform better follow-up and care. Learn more about using Start in your clinic or organization.


Our data is available to partners who want to bring meaningful, actionable information to their audience – including patient experience and what-to-expect data. Learn more about using our API in your consumer or clinical product.

Our team
Thomas Goetz
Co-Founder / CEO

Thomas is a noted authority in the design and communication of healthcare data and information.

Thomas is the former executive editor of WIRED, where he led the magazine to more than a dozen National Magazine Awards in the past decade. Thomas is the author of The Decision Tree and The Remedy, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. His 2010 TED talk on visualizing medical data has been viewed more than 400,000 times. Before founding Iodine, Thomas was also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where he spearheaded Flip The Clinic and Visualizing Health.

Matt Mohebbi
Co-Founder / CTO

Matt is a software engineer with a decade’s experience extracting meaningful knowledge out of massive datasets.

Matt spent the past decade as a software developer at Google, where he worked on Google Search and later co-founded Flu Trends, a project that combined data from the CDC and other public health authorities with Google search trends to discern new epidemiological signals.

Samer Chahine

Software Engineer

Samer is a software engineer with a strong focus on design and user experience.

After graduating from The University of Michigan, he worked on the iOS and Kindle apps for Since then, he has built a fashion website, a couple of developer tools, and a Blackjack game. He joined Iodine to build software with a larger, more meaningful impact--improving healthcare.

Marc Mendiola
Software Engineer

He recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Previously, he interned at Guidance Software, Exelis, and the US Computational Behavior Group, where he worked on projects ranging from we programming to data analytics.

His academic interests include machine learning and data mining.

Katie Mui
Healthcare Economist

Katie is a Healthcare Economist for Iodine, specializing in partnerships and engagement.

Since graduating from UC Berkeley, she has consulted at companies in hospitality and tech. She also has a background in marketing, PR and customer service.

Hans Nelsen
Senior Software Engineer

Hans is a data engineer at Iodine focusing on API development and search.

Hans has a strong track record in building simple data layers on top of complicated and messy datasets. Most recently, he has been instrumental in developing the openFDA API. He has also worked extensively in the catastrophic risk modeling space, logistics, financial data and publishing.

He has interest in distributed computing, API design, coffee and baseball.

Ross Patton
Software Engineer

Ross is a Software Engineer at Iodine whose primary focus is all things Front-End.

After getting a BFA in Graphic Design and a BS in Interactive Media, he went into the publishing sector as an Engineer at WIRED. While there he worked on the redesign of and several award winning articles. He’s also done freelance design work for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Planned Parenthood, and others.

Meet our awesome medical team

We work with a talented group of pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and medical students who help us build Iodine. Together, we work hard to make sure that our medication information is straightforward, friendly, and accurate.

Christina Aungst PharmD
Timothy Aungst PharmD
Efren Bose PharmD
Ryan Chang
MD/PhD candidate
Yunwen (Wen) Chiu PharmD
Megan Coder PharmD
Emily Fauquet RN
Diane Faraone PharmD
Vivian Huang RN
Jacqueline Kao PharmD
David Lem PharmD
Heather Martin PharmD
Stephanie McClymont
MD candidate
Ednann Naz MD
Rich Rosen RPh
Timothy Schmidt PhD
MD candidate

We’re approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy e-Advertiser Approval Program. You can read more about the program on the NABP website.

Find out how to dispose of old or unused medications on the FDA website.

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