The BFD Study – the better, faster depression study

Join the largest depression study ever, and we'll donate $20 to the charity of your choice. You'll use an app to help you get better, faster – and contribute to a new understanding of depression in the real world.

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See yourself get better. Help others along the way.

More than 15 million Americans are being treated for depression. But the largest study ever conducted on real world experience with depression medications — the Star-D trial – only had 2,876 active participants. The BFD Study aims to improve this by 10X. When thousands of people use Start to track their experience, they’ll create a new dataset for academic researchers to explore. It could inform better treatments, higher patient satisfaction, and better care.

We’re spending $100,000 to make it happen, now.

How the BFD Study Works
  • 1.
    Use the app
    Taking an antidepressant? Download Start, enter referral code BFD, and start tracking your experience. You’ll learn a lot along the way.

  • 2.
    We pay $5
    After 4 weeks of regular check-ins, we’ll donate $5 to the mental health nonprofit you choose.

  • 3.
    We learn together
    Your experience will be shared - anonymously, without any personally identifiable information - with approved academic researchers to learn more about what really works for real people with depression.

How Start works

  • Choose what matters:
    Goals and issues you want to keep an eye on

  • Track your progress:
    When you take your medicine and how you’re feeling

  • See how it’s going:
    Every two weeks, a personalized progress report

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