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Coming soon.Helps get things moving. Senokot (Senna) is gentle and effective, but it may be weaker than other laxatives.
How it works
Coming soon.Senokot (Senna) is a plant-derived stimulant laxative. It causes waves of contractions (peristalsis) in your intestine muscles to push stool through. It also makes stool more watery.
Type of medication
Coming soon.
Available as
  • Liquid
  • Pill
Used for (click to learn more)
  • Constipation Hepatic encephalopathy; Treatment and Prophylaxis
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Reviews for Senokot (Senna)
43% vs. Generlac (Lactulose)
65% vs. Generlac (Lactulose)
10% vs. Generlac (Lactulose)
Side effects

We haven’t found good data for lactulose side effects.

FDA side effect reports for lactulose »

We haven’t found good data for Senna side effects.

FDA side effect reports for Senna »
Risk factors for serious side effects
Coming soon.
  • Age 60 or greater
  • Malignancy
  • Other condition that causes blockage or narrowing of bowel
  • Age 60 or older
  • Taking medications that cause constipation
  • People who can't walk or move well (immobility)
  • Allergy or sensitivity to aloe (cross-allergic reaction)
  • Women of childbearing age
Detailed Senokot (Senna) risks & warnings »
Pregnancy category
No specific alcohol-related info.No specific alcohol-related info.
No specific food-related info.
  • Talk to you doctor about eating certain foods and getting more exercise to help prevent your constipation.
Kidneys and liver
No specific kidneys and liver-related info.No specific kidneys and liver-related info.
No specific sex-related info.No specific sex-related info.
No specific sleep-related info.No specific sleep-related info.
No specific weight-related info.No specific weight-related info.
Upsides and benefits
Coming soon.
  • Senna was used over 3,500 years ago, so it's been around for a while.
  • It's clinically proven to relieve constipation from a variety of causes.
  • One of the few laxatives that can be given to children 2 and older.
  • It may not work for everyone, but people felt it was worth the hassle.
Downsides and risks
Coming soon.
  • It may be gentle, but it's not the strongest laxative for constipation.
  • Senna can cause cramping or the feeling that you "have to go right now".
Tips from our pharmacists for people taking the medication
Coming soon.
  • It's best to take it at bedtime or as your doctor has prescribed, but not for more than one week. Works in about 6-12 hours.
  • Ask your doctor about giving Senna to anyone younger than 2 years.
  • Ask your doctor before taking Senna if you have stomach pain, nausea, vomiting or had sudden changes in your stool for more than 2 weeks.
  • Check with your baby doctor before using or if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Talk to you doctor about eating certain foods and getting more exercise to help prevent your constipation.
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