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Advil Congestion Relief Pregnancy

(Ibuprofen / Phenylephrine)

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Is Advil Congestion Relief (Ibuprofen / Phenylephrine) safe during pregnancy or nursing?

The FDA category for this medication is N. It is advised that you: Unknown

Advil Congestion Relief (Ibuprofen / Phenylephrine) pregnancy info from our pharmacists

  • Upsides
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  • Downsides
  • It's not safe to take ibuprofen if you're pregnant since it increases the risk of heart defects in babies.
  • Tips
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  • Risks
  • Advil Congestion Relief (Ibuprofen / Phenylephrine) can harm unborn babies. Ibuprofen can increase the risk of a heart defect in an unborn baby if you take it during the last 3 months of pregnancy (last trimester). Phenylephrine can also be unsafe to take during the first 3 months of pregnancy (first trimester). Instead, it's safer to use a decongestant nasal spray for up to 3 days. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about what's safe and will work best for you while pregnant.