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Treats heart rate problems.

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Prescription onlyLower-cost generic available

Our bottom line

Cordarone (Amiodarone) is an option to treat heart rate problems when other medicines don't work, but it can take a few weeks to work and there's a lot of serious side effects.


  • An option for treating life-threatening heart rate problems when other medicines or procedures haven't worked.
  • Cordarone (Amiodarone) has been shown to lower the number of heart rate problems you can experience after certain types of heart surgeries.
  • Available as a generic version, so it should be affordable.


  • Not a good choice if you have eye, liver, or lung problems.
  • You'll need regular monitoring for side effects, such as routine blood tests, heart tests, and eye exams.
  • Cordarone (Amiodarone) can stay in your body for weeks or months after you've stopped taking it. Make sure you tell your doctor or dentist that you've taken Cordarone (Amiodarone) if they don't already know.
  • There are many possible drug interactions, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes or starting a new medicine.

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What to expect when you take Cordarone (Amiodarone)

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Tips from our pharmacists
  • Your doctor may have you start taking Cordarone (Amiodarone) in a hospital or clinic so you can be watched closely for side effects.
  • It can take 1 or 2 weeks before you start to see any effects.
  • There are many serious side effects that can only be found by getting blood tests done. It's important to follow all of your doctor's instructions when taking Cordarone (Amiodarone).
  • Can make your skin more sensitive to sun. Use proper protection, such as sunscreen, and avoid sun lamps.
  • Can cause nausea, so you can take it with food to help.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice with Cordarone (Amiodarone) can affect your heart rate, so avoid all forms of grapefruits.
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Side effects for Cordarone (Amiodarone)

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These are side effects of Cordarone (Amiodarone) reported to the FDA by people taking it, and by doctors and pharmacists.

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Risks and Warnings for Cordarone (Amiodarone)

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    • Higher risk if:
    • Taking other heart rate medicines

    Cordarone (Amiodarone) should only be used in people with life-threatening heart rate problems. There are many potentially fatal side effects and it can make the heart rate problem worse or harder to handle. Other similar medicines should be tried first before Cordarone (Amiodarone). People can start taking Cordarone (Amiodarone) in a hospital to watch for side effects.

    This is a black box warning. The FDA requires this warning when there is a significant risk of serious or life-threatening effects that anyone taking the drug should consider.

Means that some groups have a high risk of experiencing this side effect

Tips from pharmacists and people taking Cordarone (Amiodarone)

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The FDA category for this medication is D. It is advised that you: Weigh risks vs. benefits
  • Tips from our pharmacists
  • Can cause nausea, so you can take it with food to help.