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(Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin)

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  • Cream, gel, or ointment
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Topical treatment for acne.

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Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin) is a topical combination acne treatment that may work better for people who didn't see an improvement when taking either medicine alone or simply don't want to take pill medication. You need to be careful because it can bleach your hair, clothing and other fabrics. It also needs to be stored in the refrigerator and is only good for three months..

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  • Benzamycin works better to reduce bacteria in oil glands and improve overall signs and symptoms of acne than either medicine alone.
  • Reduces bacteria on the skin, which "calms" the skin down (lowers the inflammatory response) in acne.
  • Combining an antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide lowers the chances of Benzamycin not working as well over time.
  • Although Benzamycin can irritate the skin, a true skin allergy is rare.
  • Can be used in combination with acne pill medicine if your doctor thinks you need it.
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  • There's a risk of irritation with anything you apply to your skin and this is no different. Benzamycin, contains a topical antibiotic and can cause redness, peeling, abnormal dryness or stinging, tightening, or burning sensations.
  • It's rare, that a serious allergic reaction would occur, but it's a good idea to test a small area of skin before using on any larger or sensitive areas
  • Can cause severe inflammation of the large intestine (pseudomembranous colitis).
  • Not the best choice if you're pregnant. Benzamycin is categorized as pregnancy Category C (weight risks vs benefits) because of the benzoyl peroxide part.
  • Can cause bleaching of hair and clothing.
  • You'll need to stay out of the sun or apply a sunscreen if you go outdoors.
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Side effect rates for Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin)

From clinical trials of Benzamycin / Acne
  • Dyness
  • Urticarial reaction

Risks and Warnings for Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin)

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  • Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin) can bleach hair, fabrics and carpet. Be careful to avoid hairline when applying to face. Wash your hands after using to avoid staining or discoloring fabrics and clothing.

Common concerns from people taking Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide / Erythromycin)

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  • Let your doctor know if you notice abdominal discomfort, pain or diarrhea after starting this medicine.
  • Not the best choice if you're pregnant. Benzamycin is categorized as pregnancy Category C (weight risks vs benefits) because of the benzoyl peroxide part.