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Lowers blood pressure and makes it easier to urinate.

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Prescription onlyLower-cost generic available

Our bottom line

For men, Doxazosin will help make it easier to urinate so that you're not getting up a lot at night. It's a last-choice treatment for high blood pressure.


  • A first-choice treatment for enlarged prostate. Makes it easier to urinate.
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  • A last-choice treatment for high blood pressure because other medicines are more effective at preventing heart disease. Your doctor might add it to a medicine you're already taking if your blood pressure is still too high.

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What to expect when you take Cardura (Doxazosin)

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Tips from our pharmacists
  • Can cause dizziness or fainting in the first few days.
  • Check your blood pressure 1 week after starting this medicine, and tell your doctor if it hasn't improved.
  • Can cause fatigue or headache.
  • Take the extended release tablet with breakfast.
  • You might need to check your blood pressure from time to time while taking this medicine.
  • If side effects don't go away, talk to your doctor about alternatives.
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Side effects for Cardura (Doxazosin)

From clinical trials of Cardura / High blood pressure  ( 675)

  • DizzinessDizziness19% for Doxazosin vs.9% for placebo
  • HeadacheHeadache14% for Doxazosin vs.16% for placebo
  • Fatigue/feeling unwelle/malaiseFatigue/feeling unwelle/malaise12% for Doxazosin vs.6% for placebo
  • DrowsinessDrowsiness5% for Doxazosin vs.1% for placebo
  • Swelling due to excess fluidSwelling due to excess fluid4% for Doxazosin vs.3% for placebo
  • Inflammation inside the noseInflammation inside the nose3% for Doxazosin vs.1% for placebo
  • NauseaNausea3% for Doxazosin vs.4% for placebo
  • Heart pounding or racing sensationHeart pounding or racing sensation2% for Doxazosin vs.3% for placebo
  • DiarrheaDiarrhea2% for Doxazosin vs.3% for placebo
  • Chest painChest pain2% for Doxazosin vs.2% for placebo

Manufacturers don’t say how common these side effects are

  • Abdominal pain
  • Abnormally fast heart beat
  • Frequent urination
  • Low blood flow to arms and legs
  • Positional low blood pressure
  • Vomiting

Risks and Warnings for Cardura (Doxazosin)

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    • Higher risk if:
    • Age 65 years or older

    Dizziness or fainting may occur when taking Cardura (Doxazosin) when you change positions, such as going from a seated or lying down position to standing because of changes in your blood pressure, which may lead to falls. This is called orthostatic hypotension. Be very careful when changing positions, especially if you're just starting to take Cardura (Doxazosin) or if changes in dosing have to be made. Talk to your doctor if the dizziness doesn't go away or if you find it bothersome.

Means that some groups have a high risk of experiencing this side effect

Tips from pharmacists and people taking Cardura (Doxazosin)

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The FDA category for this medication is C. It is advised that you: Weigh risks vs. benefits
  • Tips from our pharmacists
  • Take the extended release tablet with breakfast.
  • Risks from our pharmacists
  • Rare reports of a painful erection unrelieved by sex have been reported by men who take Cardura (Doxazosin), which is also called priapism. Contact your doctor immediately if you develop this as impotence can happen if this isn't treated in time.