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Chantix Reviews


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Reviews of Chantix (Varenicline)

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  • Keep trying if you don't quit the first time. It does work, don't give up.
    A month or so
  • Just always eat and drink with it. The Nausea is real. But remember why you're doing this: for yourself and the people you love. A little nausea to change your whole life is not a bad thing.
    Smoking cessation assistance
  • I used Chantix to stop using smokeless tobacco. It was a 25+ year habit of mine. I literally stopped thinking about it as soon as I started taking the medication. It was so easy! After being tobacco free for two years I picked the habit back up...who knows why. My doctor again prescribed Chantix for me. The problem was that I had used a once in a lifetime discount the first time. When I filled my new prescription, I couldn't use the discount again. It's quite costly.
    Smoking cessation assistance
  • Do not let all of the negative reviews stop you from taking this medication. I almost did, but after taking chantix I know that would've been the worst mistake of my life. I had minimal mood swings and vivid dreams (not nightmares).
  • Chantix works every time, I just lose will power after a few weeks and give in, not this time though. Great drug.
  • I am on my 4th try and hopefully I will make it work this time.