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Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant 


Over-the-counterClass: Respiratory
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Clears your sinuses.

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Our bottom line

Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (Pseudoephedrine) relieves stuffy nose, but it could keep your child up at night. Cold and flu medicines should be used only after non-drug options are tried.


  • One of the best over-the-counter medicines to clear stuffy nose and help your child breathe better.
  • Clears nasal congestion better than other decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Can be helpful in relieving congestion-related headaches and pressure in your child's ears.
  • Comes as a grape-flavored liquid.


  • Pseudoephedrine (the decongestant) can make your child's heart race or make him/her feel anxious and restless.
  • It may not let your child sleep well, so can't take it too close to bedtime.
  • Can worsen certain conditions, so check with your child's doctor if he/she has heart problems, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or thyroid problems.
  • Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (Pseudoephedrine) isn't as effective after using it for more than 4 days straight.
  • Need to show a photo ID to buy it in the drugstore and there's a limit on how much you can buy each visit.
How it works

Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (Pseudoephedrine) is a decongestant. It narrows blood vessels and reduces swelling in your nasal passages to make breathing easier.

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Side effect rates for Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (pseudoephedrine)

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Risks and Warnings for Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (pseudoephedrine)

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    • Higher risk if:
    • History of high blood pressure

    Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (Pseudoephedrine) works by narrowing blood vessels. It can cause or worsen high blood pressure. If your child complains about being dizzy or having a headache that won't go away, Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (Pseudoephedrine) might not be the best option for him/her.

Common concerns from people taking Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant (pseudoephedrine)

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  • It may not let your child sleep well, so can't take it too close to bedtime.