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Cipro Hc

(Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone)

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  • Ear drops
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Treats outer ear infections (swimmer’s ear).

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Our bottom line

Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone) is a great option for swimmer’s ear and has few side effects.

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  • In one study, 90% of people who used Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone) for a week had a complete improvement of their symptoms.
  • Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone) doesn't cause ototoxicity, a condition where your hearing can become impaired or can cause trouble balancing.
  • Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone) is safe for patients 1 year of age and older.


  • Some people experience a skin rash when using Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone). If this happens, you should immediately stop using it.
  • Using Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone) unnecessarily or overusing it can cause it to stop working.
  • If your infection comes back, you may need to try a different medication.
  • Some people experience headache or itching when taking Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone).
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Side effect rates for Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone)

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Risks and Warnings for Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone)

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  • Can only be used in the ear. If the infection doesn't improve after one week, your doctor may need to do a test to find out if a different type of bacteria is causing the problem.

Common concerns from people taking Cipro Hc (Ciprofloxacin / Hydrocortisone)

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