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Clarinex Reviews


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Reviews of Clarinex (Desloratadine)

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  • Holy cow what a horrible experience - I can't take Benedryl because it makes me feel like i am in a coma. My doctor prescribed this drug for a sinus infection and clogged ear, and I should have listened to the little voice inside that said "antihistimines dont work for you!!" I slept for 15 hours, which may have helped my sickness but when i got up and tried to function it was like the world was slowing down to slow motion and I was in some sort of space coma. Really freaky!!
    Seasonal allergies
  • Take early in the morning
    Seasonal allergies
  • Took it for a clogged ear. No cold or other severe allergy symptoms, just a clogged ear. Brought relief after four days.
    Seasonal allergies