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Lower-cost generic available
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  • Primary hypercholesterolemia
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Reviews of Colestid (Colestipol)

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  • Was told to take it with meals, and that other meds must be taken 1 hr. before colestipol or 4 hrs. after. Was hard to find a schedule to match that, but even taking 2 of them once a day lowered my cholesterol to normal levels.
    A few months
    High cholesterol
  • I am not taking this medication for my cholesterol, but for the fact of having my gallbladder removed and as a result, chronic diarrhea. It has worked very well for me, but the cost has gone off the charts. I can't afford the price going fro $54 for a three months supply to $421. I'll have to look for something else.
    Primary hypercholesterolemia