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Flagyl Reviews


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Reviews of Flagyl (Metronidazole)

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  • If you are hypersensitive to medications (i.e., several drug allergies), PLEASE check with your medical professional for alternatives. Side effect (arthralgia - joint pain) are STILL present after 2.5 days of taking, 7 weeks later!
    Less than a week
    Was given when PID was suspected (ended up not being)
  • I wish I'd have known this drug can basically rewire your brain. I experienced horrendous side effects, even now as it's been two days since I took only ONE PILL 500mg. I'm having restlessness in my limbs, mental unrest and instability, extreme anxiety and bad depression, also what may be described as psychosis, no appetite, insomnia, hallucinations etc. This is hands down the absolute worst medicine I have ever taken. I wouldn't even call it medicine. Never again
    Less than a week
    Infection caused by anaerobic bacteria
  • Difficult to swallow, use plenty of water. Ask your doctor about probiotic use at the same time or after treatment, with a view to avoiding a repeat C.diff infection.
    A couple weeks
  • EW it leaves the worst taste in your mouth. Make sure you take it with plenty of water and grab a mint or candy after!