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Class: Ophthalmic
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Re-growth and thickening of eyelashes

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Our bottom line

If you have little or thin lashes, Latisse ,in time, will help you to have longer, thicker ones

Price and discounts
Prices and coupons for 1 (2.5ml of 0.03%) eye dropper of bimatoprost


  • You will see re-growth of lashes within 4-16 weeks
  • Easy to use one dose vials


  • New growth lashes may be darker in color, you should use on both lids
  • If you stop using Latisse the effects will stop
  • Light colored lashes will become darker and new growth will be darker
  • The skin near your lashes may become darker also
How it works

Applying [name_common} to the upper eyelids will promote the growth of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes

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Side effect rates for Latisse (bimatoprost)

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These are side effects of Latisse (bimatoprost) reported to the FDA by people taking it, and by doctors and pharmacists.
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Risks and Warnings for Latisse (bimatoprost)

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  • Using more than once a day will not hasten the growth effects.

Common concerns from people taking Latisse (bimatoprost)

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