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  • Ocular hypertension from open-angle glaucoma
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Controls glaucoma and pressure in your eyes.

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Lower-cost generic available

Our bottom line

An effective control of high pressure in the eye. Lowering eye pressure back to normal can prevent the onset of glaucoma.


  • Easy to use, with one drop daily in the evening.
  • Can use with other eye drops, if needed for better results.
  • Available as a generic, which is cheaper.


  • Can cause your eye and eyelashes to appear more brown, regardless of their original color.
  • Can increase the length, thickness and number of eyelashes.
  • Available as a generic, which is cheaper.

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What to expect when you take Lumigan (Bimatoprost)

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Tips from our pharmacists
  • Wash your hands before putting drops in your eyes.
  • Don’t touch the dropper tip to your eye or hands.
  • If you wear contacts, take them out first and wait 15 minutes after you use the dropper before you replace them.
  • After putting the drop in your eye, press one finger to the inner corner and press lightly for 1 minute.
  • If you use another eye drop, wait 5 minutes between drops.
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Side effects for Lumigan (Bimatoprost)

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These are side effects of Lumigan (Bimatoprost) reported to the FDA by people taking it, and by doctors and pharmacists.

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Risks and Warnings for Lumigan (Bimatoprost)

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    • Higher risk if:
    • Replacing contact lenses to soon

    You must wait 15 minutes before replacing contact lenses. If replaced too soon the lenses may darken and be damaged.

Means that some groups have a high risk of experiencing this side effect

Tips from pharmacists and people taking Lumigan (Bimatoprost)

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The FDA category for this medication is C. It is advised that you: Weigh risks vs. benefits