Prescription or OTCLower-cost generic availableClass: Respiratory

Nasacort Aq 


Prescription or OTCLower-cost generic availableClass: Respiratory
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Relieves allergy symptoms.

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Our bottom line

Nasacort Aq (Triamcinolone) is the only medication in its class available over the counter for treating stuffy and runny nose due to allergies. You have to use it every day for it to work.

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  • Available over the counter without a prescription.
  • First-choice medication for treating runny and stuffy noses caused by allergies. It works by reducing inflammation in the nose.
  • Because it's used directly where the inflammation is happening, it has fewer side effects than oral steroids do and has a lower chance of causing withdrawal symptoms once the medication is stopped.
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  • Can't be used on as-needed basis. Must be taken every day.
  • Doesn't have a counter on it, so it can be hard to remember how many sprays are left.
  • Since the medicine in Nasacort Aq (Triamcinolone) is a steroid, it can slow down your healing process if you've hurt your nose or had nose surgery.
  • Needs to be primed before use and re-primed if not used for more than 2 weeks.
How it works

Nasacort Aq (Triamcinolone) is a nasal steroid. It works directly in your nose to help reduce swelling and inflammation from allergies.

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Side effect rates for Nasacort Aq (triamcinolone)

Risks and Warnings for Nasacort Aq (triamcinolone)

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    • Higher risk if:
    • Long-term use

    Long-term use of Nasacort Aq (Triamcinolone) can increase your chances of having changes in the nasal septum (the bony cartilage between your nostrils). Your doctor will check your nose regularly if you have to be on this medication for a long time.

Common concerns from people taking Nasacort Aq (triamcinolone)

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