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Deltasone Reviews


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Reviews of Deltasone (Prednisone)

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Summary of Deltasone (Prednisone) reviews by people (All ages)23 people left tips
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  • Increases aware
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    A month or so
  • Never take on an empty stomach. Take the lowest dosage that is effective.
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder
    Two years or more
  • I wish that I had know it would make me so stinkin hungry! I eat everything in sight when I'm on prednisone, but has helped a ton with my asthma
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder
  • I am still on prednisone low dose trying to tapper of but finding it difficult. It has saved my life and has allowed me to regain some level of physical Independence. I do respect and appreciate the benifits of the drug. The side effects for me frightening and innumerable sometimes I felt like I wouldn't make it. I quiet cool turkey once but had to start over
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder
  • It was supposed to have negative side effects, but it alleviated my fatigue, increased my mental clarity and reduced my appetite. I was thirsty a lot, for me that was great, I need to drink more.
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder
  • I was prescribed this medication for its anti inflammatory properties related to a cold. I had severe, Quick emotional changes and irritability. Like EVERYTHING frustrated me.
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder
  • Miracle drug for stubborn asthma flares! Don't let the nasty side effects scare you from short-term use when inhalers aren't enough. Steroids shrink inflammation at the root of asthma like nothing else. Lessons learned: 1. Don't wait: Call doc as soon as regular & rescue meds quit working 2. Take step-down dose as rx to reduce side effects 3. Side effects easier if you're prepared. Mine: munchies, edema, yeast infections, "speedy", moody, menstrual irregularities.
  • Doctors are reluctant to give this drug but it is very good. I had zero side effects. Felt better than I have in 10+ years. It should be given for longer courses than they are comfortable prescribing. 7 days did not produce remission. 31 days did! I wish I could have a standing prescription for this stuff so when I need it it is available!
    Exacerbation of multiple sclerosis
  • The main thing is: the prednisolone stopped the protein leak from my kidneys (Minimal change syndrome) in about two weeks, at a 60mg a day dose. I'm forever grateful for this. However, side effects included huge fat face. Insomnia. Irregular periods - which actually turned out to be a pregnancy - as the steroids not only masked the symptoms of my pregnancy, they perhaps helped it along...
    Nephrotic syndrome
  • Gained lots of weight, puffy face, stomach ulcers, rash and more on this med. I'm not sure if it's worth it since I have a lot of side effects but it did work for joint pain.
    Autoimmune or inflammatory disorder