Class: Ophthalmic


(brinzolamide / brimonidine)

Class: Ophthalmic
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lowers eye pressure

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Our bottom line

Simbrinza ia an effective two medicine combination that is used when one medication alone is not effective, and you are looking for ease of using both medications in one drop.

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  • Simbrinza may be more effective because it contains two medications
  • It is easier to take two medications in one drop.


  • Simbrinza may cause carbonated beverages to taste metallic..
  • You must wait 5 minutes before using another eye drop
  • Remove contact lenses and leave out for 15 minutes after using the the eyedrop
  • Not used in children under 2 years of age
How it works

Simbrinza decreases the production of fluids within the eye, and increases the flow of fluids out of the eye.

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Side effect rates for Simbrinza (brinzolamide / brimonidine)

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Common concerns from people taking Simbrinza (brinzolamide / brimonidine)

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