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Trileptal Reviews


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Reviews of Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine)

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  • Many drug interactions. Increased hypothyroidism and arthritis pain and made pain medication ineffective. Caused low sodium and other meds did not work. Did control seizures. Not worth it if you have multiple health issues.
    Two years or more
  • it works very well for at least 6 people i know, but it didn't work for them until they got the dosage right and that can take awhile. don't give up until you at least try dosing properly for you. all the ppl i know r on diff doses
    Not sure how long
    I took it for: anxiety and depression
  • Trileptal has EXTREME dizziness and side effects at first but they DO wear off. After one year on Trileptal, my bipolar cycles have actually stopped completely! I am still a bit emotional (occasional anxiety & sadness) , but no extremes!