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Our bottom line

Condoms are easy to use, easy to get, and a great way to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

People’s experience with Condoms

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  • Cheap, easy to use, and great for spontaneous sex.
  • Extremely effective when used perfectly - but only pretty good in real life.
  • The best way to prevent infections or sexual transmitted diseases.
  • Available in different colors, shapes, textures, and even different flavors.
  • Can be used with other forms of birth control to avoid STDs.
  • Can delay ejaculation, which makes sex last longer.
  • Handy and cheap as back-up birth control with other birth control methods.
What’s the failure rate?
of people using this method got pregnant in a year

This method is ranked 11 out of 17 birth control methods listed. The lower the number, the better.Source

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  • Have to be used every time, correctly, which can be hard in the heat of the moment.
  • Can reduce sensation, so takes some getting used to.
  • Condoms with spermicide or made of latex can make some people sensitive.
How it works

Roll it down over the penis and get busy.