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Female Condom

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Our bottom line

Also known as an internal condom because it goes inside the vagina. Works like the male condom, is cheap and prevents STDs.

What’s the failure rate?
of people using this method got pregnant in a year

This method is ranked 12 out of 17 birth control methods listed. The lower the number, the better.Source

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  • Cheap, easy to use and great for spontaneous sex.
  • Can be inserted right before sex, or up to 8 hours beforehand (won't interrupt the heat of the moment!).
  • Protects both you and your partner from STDs.
  • Available at most pharmacies and online without a prescription.
  • Its design (particularly the outer ring) can increase sexual pleasure while having sex.
  • Comes pre-lubricated, and is safe to use with both oil-based and water-based lubricants.
  • Made of a synthetic rubber other than latex, so suitable for people with latex allergies.


  • Can reduce sensation, so takes some getting used to.
  • Some people find it not very sexy.
  • Can cause vaginal irritation.
  • Might fall out during sex.