Our data, content, and user reviews—in your product.

The Iodine API brings our pharmacists’ clear, actionable drug information and real-world patient reviews to your product or application in a simple JSON format.

Get started by signing up for an API key.

We‘ll get back to you shortly to talk about how you want to use the API–and give you a key to play with the data. In the meantime, see our API docs to learn more about what you’re about to have access to.

What you get with the Iodine API

Use these in your electronic health record (EHR), patient education materials, pharmacy apps, medication information sites, and so on. See how ProPublica incorporated it in Prescriber Checkup.

  • Drug names, generic availability, and prescription status
  • One-line description, mechanism of action, and drug categories/classes
  • User ratings of overall satisfaction, efficacy, and hassle
  • What to expect (common side effects & when the medication will kick in)
  • On- and off-label indications
  • Alternative (similar) medications
  • FDA pregnancy category
  • Pharmacist tips for people taking the medication