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Nymalize (nimodipine)

Prescription only

Sular (nisoldipine)

Prescription only
Helps with recovery after an episode of bleeding in the brain.

Nymalize (nimodipine) acts specifically on the blood vessels of the brain to reduce long-term damage from brain bleed, but is expensive.

Lowers blood pressure.

Sular (nisoldipine) works well to lower blood pressure, but it may cause swelling in your arms and legs at higher doses.

  • Available in a liquid formulation if you have difficulty swallowing a pill.
  • Treatment is short-term, for 21 days only.
  • Safe to use even if you have kidney or liver problems.
  • Sular (nisoldipine) is a good option for people with high blood pressure.
  • Calcium channel blockers sometimes work better for people of African descent than other blood pressure lowering drugs.
  • Sular (nisoldipine) works as well as other calcium channel blockers to treat high blood pressure.
  • Needs to be taken several times in a day, usually every four hours.
  • Not a good option for elderly because it lowers blood pressure and causes constipation.
  • Inteacts with a lot of other medications, especially for the treatment of HIV.
  • Available in a generic verison, but is still expensive.
  • There are 2 different types of extended release Sular (nisoldipine), which can be very confusing.
  • Sular (nisoldipine) can cause headaches.
  • You can't miss doses. Stopping Sular (nisoldipine) could cause a sudden spike in blood pressure.
  • Sular (nisoldipine) can't be crushed or cut into two.
  • Sular (nisoldipine) can cause more side effects if you are over 65 years old.
Used for
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Dosage forms
  • Pill
  • Liquid
  • Extended release
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Side effects
The Nymalize (nimodipine) FDA package insert doesn’t have numbers about how common side effects are.
10possible side effects
  • Swelling of arms and legs
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Racing or fluttering heart beat
  • Stuffy nose
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Rash
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Risks and risk factors
  • Life-threatening low blood pressure
  • Monitoring of blood pressure
    • Using other medicines that lower blood pressure such as diuretics and beta-blockers
  • Interactions with other medicines
    • Taking other medicines that interact with Nymalize (nimodipine)
  • Liver disease
    • Liver disease
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  • Chest pain or heart attack
    • History of heart problems
  • Low blood pressure
    • Over age 65
  • Liver problems
    • Liver disease
    • History of heavy alcohol use
  • Swelling in arms and legs
    • History of heart failure
    • History of kidney disease
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