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About High blood pressure

Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries. Each time your heart beats, it pumps blood into the arteries. Your blood pressure is highest when your heart beats, pumping the blood. This is called systolic pressure. When your heart is at rest, between beats, your blood pressure falls. This is called diastolic pressure. Your blood pressure reading uses these two numbers. Usually the systolic number comes before or above the diastolic number. A reading of119/79 or lower is normal blood pressure140/90 or higher is high blood pressureBetween 120 and 139 for the top number, or between 80 and 89 for the bottom number is called prehypertension. Prehypertension means you may end up with high blood pressure, unless you take steps to prevent it.High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, but it can cause serious problems such as stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure.You can control high blood pressure through healthy lifestyle habits and taking medicines, if needed. NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Symptoms of High blood pressure
  • Usually has no symptoms but can cause stroke, heart failure, or heart attack

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What tip would you give someone like me who was just diagnosed?
  • Try to keep fluid intake to less than 2000ml. Hydration is great, but fluid volume overload increases the workload of your heart.

  • Buy a home BP MONITOR, so you can measure effectiveness of treatment

  • Take your BLOOD PRESSURE medicine at bedtime

  • Walk briskly 30 minutes a day- 3 bursts of 10 minutes is fine

  • Learn about the DASH DIET, and be a semi "raw foodist"

  • i was just diagnosed following a stroke, which seems bizarre because I exercise and eat right. I weigh 130 lb now, but at the time of the storke I weighed a little bit less. The doctor has monitored my blood pressure, but the mediciane makes me feel horrible. Now, that I am not taking anything my blood pressure ahs stablized to the normal range, but is higher than in the past..

  • Eat Less Salt and Exercise More

What’s your best coping strategy?

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Besides medications, what else has worked for you?
  • Eat less salt and exercise.

  • Exercising