(Cave disease)

  • Also known as
  • Histoplasma infection
  • Ohio Valley disease

About Histoplasmosis

Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus (or mold) called Histoplasma. The fungus is common in the eastern and central United States. It grows in soil and material contaminated with bat or bird droppings. You get infected by breathing the fungal spores. You cannot get the infection from someone else. Histoplasmosis is often mild, with no symptoms. If you do get sick, it usually affects your lungs.

All Medications for Histoplasmosis

  • Ambisome
    (amphotericin B liposome)
    Prescription only

    Effective treatment for severe and otherwise, deadly fungal infections.

    • Available dosage forms:
    • Injection
  • Sporanox
    Prescription only

    Sporanox (itraconazole) is effective oral medication that treats many different kinds of fungal infections. However, it has the potential to interact with a lot of other medications and has a few serious but rare side effects.

    • Available dosage forms:
    • Pill
    • Liquid
  • Nizoral
    Prescription or OTC

    Nizoral (Ketoconazole) is a medication used on your skin to treat fungal infections; however, it takes several weeks for full recovery, and the directions are specific to each type of medication.

    • Available dosage forms:
    • Pill
    • Cream, gel, or ointment
    • Foam
    • Shampoo

Tips, success stories, and coping strategies for Histoplasmosis

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