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Tried omeprazole? Write a review!
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    Reviewed omeprazoleon 3/6/2018To treat stomach and duodenum ulcers, I was prescribed 40mg capsules 2x/day. I went from EXCRUCIATING daily abdominal pain for 7 years to almost no abdominal pain whatsoever after about 3 months when the ulcers had healed. Make sure you are diligent and take it EVERY DAY as often as prescribed if you want relief from your pain. It can be hard to remember because it takes a long time to heal but it is worth doing!Also, very expensive, even generic prescriptions ~$200/mo for me
    A year or so
    Prevent or treat stomach ulcers resulting from taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
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    Big hassle
    Reviewed Prilosec OTCon 2/23/2018Seemed to relieve GERD symptoms initially, but by the 3rd day I had a sharp pain in my stomach. The pain went away when I stopped taking the medicine. (Had taken Nexium some years ago with had the same side effect).
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