Review any medication you’ve taken—it only takes a minute

You’ve been there, and your experience can help someone like you make a better decision.

At Iodine, we believe your experience with a condition or a medication is an important signal that can help us understand the everyday reality of health. Some things make you feel better (in some ways) but make you feel worse (in other ways). And sometimes the best course is to change directions: switching a medication, or talking to your doctor about other options altogether. Your experience, in all its ups and downs, can inform other people’s choices and experiences.

That’s why we ask you - a lot! - to share your story, in many ways. If you’re taking a medication, we’d love for you to review it - answering a few questions about your experience. If you have tips or feedback about a medication or condition, we’d love to know that, too.

We ask for this information because your story may answer what somebody else is dying to know. We ask because, when we combine your experience with others’, we start to see patterns: whether young women prefer one pain medication over another, say, or whether older men find a particular cholesterol drug to be more of a hassle, and so on.

These sorts of insights, we believe, can help people make smarter decisions about their care, and can enrich the conversations they have with their doctor or provider. We believe this information should be easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. We are very careful with your data we’ll never share your name or email, and you can always opt out from us sharing even non-identifiable information. But we want you to know why your data is so valuable to us, and to our community of users.

Sharing matters because your experience matters.

Sharing matters because together, we can build something meaningful.