Take control of your depression, and see yourself get better.

Start is a free app for iPhone and Android we made to help you decide if an antidepressant works for you.

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What People Are Saying About Start

Start has been an amazing resource for me in learning about depression medication options and feeling like I have an active role in charting my personal progress.

My psychiatric nurse practitioner thought the app was an awesome way to help depressed patients feel agency and informed in their medication process between check-ins. Personally, I've found the alarms and check-ins on Start to be helpful mindfulness reinforcements.

Lauren G., 25, Boston, MA

How Start works

A free app that shows you what to expect from your medication and lets you share your progress with your doctor or therapist using CareKit from Apple.

  • Part of your everyday life
    Get new depression tips every day and track your goals and issues

  • Track your progress
    Get gentle pill reminders and check-in about your mood and medication

  • See how it’s going
    Get personalized progress reports that help you understand if your medication is working

You’re not alone:
Up to 20 million Americans have depression, and finding an antidepressant that works can be really tough.

60% of people have significant side effects, and half stop taking their medication before they start feeling better

50% of people say an antidepressant they took was worth it

90% of people don’t get the right follow-up care

is a new way to speed up the process
and find something that works for you.

Start shows you what to expect when you start an antidepressant, including side effects and when it starts to kick in.

Start gives you personalized progress reports so you can reflect on your mood, issues and goals—and discuss them with your doctor.

After 6 weeks, Start helps you make an informed decision about whether or not your antidepressant is working.

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